Online Festival Management

There is now a separate website dedicated solely to the OnLine Festival Management System. The NFMC Sign In is only for those teachers in Festival areas that have successfully prepared the point history data. This is where registration will take place for those involved in Beta testing. If your area has not successfully prepared the point history and had it accepted into the system, your attempts to access this side of the site will simply say” Not Authorized”. The OnLine Manual is available for everyone. This is where you may view the PowerPoint which is an overview of the progress so far. After accessing the OnLine Manual side of the website, scroll to downloads. pdf: Sandra Preysz’s PowerPoint Presentation This is also where your Area Chairman or Data Tech person will find the information needed to prepare the point history data. The latest excel file format can also be located in the downloads. excel: nfmcData.xlsx The developer cannot individually instruct people on how to do excel. You will need to find people locally who can help you. For those who have a working knowledge of excel, the instructions are understandable Here is a short list of requirements that the team of people involved preparing a data-entry spreadsheet should have:

  1. Essential: Expertise (or ability to quickly gain it) in using Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.
  2. Essential: Technical experience with some form of data entry and/or data management.
  3. Highly recommended: technical knowledge of both XML and XSD.

Note, we believe that having a team of people with this skill set is adequate. It is not essential a single individual have it all. Sandra Preysz OnLine Festivals Management System Chairman