Online Festival Management

There is now a separate website dedicated solely to the new NFMC Online Festival Management System – Vivace! You can access Vivace here:

Currently, Vivace is only for those Festival Administrators and Teachers in Festival areas that had been using the Legacy system (aka That tool is no longer available.

The Vivace Support Center is available for all to learn more about the new system. Some important notes about the new system:

  1. The system has been completely re-written from scratch to match the current needs of the NFMC community. User Experience was a primary concern.
  2. You do not need a Gmail email address to use Vivace.
  3. There is nothing you need to download to run the system.
  4. Most likely, you can use the browser of your choice – most common browsers are supported.
  5. Currently, many of the more advanced functions work best on a laptop or desktop, since there is too much data to see on a typical phone or tablet.

If your State or Festival Area is interested in learning more, please check the latest version of the Junior Keynotes for ongoing updates or email Sandra Preysz, Online Festival Management System Chairman at