MFMC Awards

Michigan Federation of Music Clubs Awards

Information and applications below are offered in downloadable and writable .doc and printable .pdf for your convenience.

MFMC Young Artist and Collegiate (Student) Division Awards:

The Rosamond P. Haeberle Memorial Piano Award – Mary Irvine, Chair

The Elizabeth Gardner Award in Voice – Mary Irvine, Chair

The Burrell-Upton Music Therapy Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

MFMC Junior Division Awards:

High School Brass Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

High School Organ Award – Jackie Livesay, Chair

High School Percussion Award – Rob Kratz, Chair

High School Piano Award – Laurie M Marshall, Chair

High School String Award – Sunny Cirlin and Pat Smith, Co-Chairs

High School Voice Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

High School Woodwind Award – Michelle Nuffer, Chair

NFMC Awards with state level qualifying competitions:

Junior Composers: Nancy Meyette. Chair, Michigan

NFMC Award Chairs:

NFMC NE Region Junior Composers: Nanette Meyette, Chair

NFMC National Stillman Kelley / Thelmas Byrum Awards: Laurie M Marshall, Chair

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