MFMC Federation Festival Procedures & Forms

2019 Michigan Festival Meeting: Friday, August 23, 2019

MFMC Festival Meeting 2019

Please complete the MFMC Senior Club Membership first.

Contact your local MFMC Senior Club or join the MFMC virtual Senior Club through the MFMC website Contact Us link . Contact MFMC Assistant Treasurer for Senior Membership Lyn Schwartz for additional support on locating the Senior Club near you using the contact information here:  Michigan Senior Club Membership Application.

Next, please complete the MFMC Junior Club Membership.

Select THIS form if you are an Independent Music Teacher with a studio Junior Club:


Select THIS form if you are a Junior Counselor of a Senior Club sponsored Junior Club:  Please remember a Senior Club sponsored Junior Club must list all teacher members of their senior club AND complete the required Excel form per teachers’ studio.


Once membership applications are received and accepted, teachers will be assigned to an MFMC Federation Festival Area and contacted by the MFMC Festival Chair OR Festival Area Administrator.

NFMC and MFMC Festival Area Administrators and Festival Committee members information and forms.

2019-2010 MFMC Festival Calendar Timeline

2019-2020 MFMC Guidelines for Festival Finances

2019-2020 NFMC Festival Certificate Order Form

2019-2020 MFMC Festival Volunteer Form

2019-2020 Federation Cup Ordering Procedure

2019-2020 MFMC Festival Finance Report

MFMC Festival Areas Schedule

2020 MFMC Festival Area Dates

Still to come:

All NFMC Festival forms may be found on the link below; however, all forms must say August 2019.  We will include those direct links for you here once NFMC completes uploading the new forms.

Thank you for all you do!