Junior Club Membership Application Instructions

1. Fill out the application form.

2. Copy or download the template, and fill out the required information.

3. Email a copy of the completed spreadsheet to MFMCmembership@outlook.com before the due date, or include the appropriate late fee with your payment.

4. Calculate payment:

Club Minimum (Includes Junior Keynotes Subscription and up to 16 students)$30
Each Additional Student (after 16)$1
Late Fee (If postmarked October 16th to November 15th)$15
Late Fee (If postmarked after November 15th)$30

5. Make checks payable to MFMC or Michigan Federation of Music Clubs, and mail to:

Jordon Young
MFMC Assistant Treasurer for Membership
1208 Pioneer Ave
St. Joseph, MI 49085

6. Expect an emailed confirmation of receipt for membership list and for payment upon delivery.

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