2016 – 2020 Festivals Bulletin Adjustments

Lori Jessen, Bulletin Editor

NOTE: Beginning August 2018, the newest updates will appear at the beginning of the list.


Sometimes catalogue numbers and publishers change, especially when a piece by a self-published composer is picked up by a publishing house once the piece is selected for the Festivals Bulletin. A selected piece may be in a different collection or a single sheet. If it is EXACTLY the same music as listed in the Bulletin, the other edition is acceptable.



Correction Medium Class II: p. 194: The Allegro Moderato by Haydn, Op. 77, No. , is in G Major, not C Major as listed.



Correction/Clarification: p. 138, 140. The correct rule is “The lowest permissible class for duets is one class below the lower partner’s solo class.” This is consistent with other duet events in other media.




Clarification: p. 86, Primary Class D, Favorite Hymns Bk 3, arr. By Deborah Brady, publisher’s name was omitted. Publisher is Kjos.



Correction: Page 132, second paragraph, first sentence should read: “Beginning in this class, students may combine points with Art Song Solo Senior I and above.”


PIANO TRIO (6 hands, 1 piano)

Elementary 3

Delete—Karp, David: Kibbutz Capers (it is a duet)

Delete—Miller, Carolyn: The Chase (it is a duet)


This was previously listed incorrectly under the corrections for Piano Trio (Piano-Violin-Cello)



Medium Class

            Correction: Composer for the Bouree from Sonata in F for Oboe and Basso Continue should be Handel, not Bach.



Clarification: The adjustment to the rules regarding adult Festival participants that was published in the last Music Clubs Magazine will not be applicable until the next Bulletin is in effect (July 1, 2020). We are sorry for any confusion.



Musically Advanced Class III        

      Correction: Astonishing / SINGERS MUSICAL THEATRE ANTHOLOGY-MEZZO-VOL.6 composer should be Howland, Jason not Flaherty, S.



A Primary Class is added to this event. The repertoire is listed below:


Buchtel, Forrest: Fandango (S637, Neil A. Kjos Music Company)

Buchtel, Forrest: Pied Piper (Andante and Allegro) (S636, Neil A. Kjos Music Company)

Handel, G.F./Buchtel, Forrest: Cantilena ( S661, Neil A. Kjos Music Company)

Rameau, Jean-Philippe/Dishinger, Ronald C.: Rigaudon from Pieces de Clavecin, 1724 (TB06, Medici Music Press

Rubenstein/Smith: Romance, Op. 44, No 1 / TROMBONE SOLOS LEVEL 2 (EL03136, Alfred Publishing Co.)

Smith, Leonard: Camping Out / TROMBONE SOLOS LEVEL 1 (EL03118, Alfred Publishing Co.)

Smith, Leonard: Downtown / TROMBONE SOLOS LEVEL 1 (EL03118, Alfred Publishing Co.)

Smith, Leonard: Gold Cup Waltz / TROMBONE SOLOS LEVEL 2 (EL03136, Alfred Publishing Co.)

Tanner, Paul: Song of the Woods / TROMBONE SOLOS LEVEL 2 (EL03136, Alfred Publishing Co.)

VanderCook, H.A.: Ruby /TROMBONE GEMS (04470002, Rubank Inc. Music Pub.) Also available as single sheet music.

Williams, Vaughn: Winter’s Willow /TROMBONE METHOD (TB63, Medici Music Press)



  • Rules adjustment: p. 140, #2 should read: “The lowest permissible class for duets is the lower partner’s solo class.” This makes it consistent with the rules for Vocal Duet – Art Song. See newer item above.


Trumpet Solo

Elementary II

            Clarification—Vincent, M: Polka; the correct name for the collection is SOLO SOUNDS FOR TRUMPET, VOL 1 (levels 3-5)



  • The correlation requirements between Piano Solo/APFS are suspended.
  • They are guidelines, but are not required.
  • The required repertoire list is specifically for piano. The class is determined by the level of difficulty in the specific arrangement listed. Many pieces are listed multiple times, but each is a different level of difficulty.
  • For instruments other than piano, the area Festival is responsible to make sure that the required and choice piece are the correct level of difficulty.


Advanced Class

Correction—Aaronson, Sharon: Battle Hymn of the Republic, Correct edition for Advanced Class is SPIRIT OF AMERICA, 20770 ALF


Delete—Aaronson, Sharon: The Star Spangled Banner. (This piece is correctly listed at Very Difficult Class)


                                                                        CELLO SOLO

  • All stringed instruments follow the same rules for selection of the solo choice piece. The choice piece may not be another variation or movement of the required composition.


Primary III

Bach, J.S.: Menuet from Anna Magdelena’s Notebook, DUNCAN, THE STUDENT CELLIST. This Menuet is on page 5, in C Major. It is the same Bach Menuet that is in Suzuki, Book 1.




Difficult II

Poulenc, Francis: Sonata, mvt. 3 (mvt. 1 is correctly listed in Difficult I)




Tchaikovsky: Danse des mirlitons from the Nutcracker. This is correct level.


Moderately Difficult

Delete—Tchaikovsky: Danse des mirlitons from the Nutcracker, duplicate listing



Rules Clarification page 27 #2: “Choice compositions for Pre-Primary and Primary Classes may be by any American composer (including Olson). Choice compositions for Elementary I Class and above may be by any composer (including Olson) and may be from any historical period.”


In the first sentence, the word “may” means to select from any American composer. In the LFO Event, the Primary Classes choice piece must be by an American composer, Elementary I and above, by any composer.


Pre-Primary Level B

Boating is actually titled Boating Song in FIRST FAVORITE MELODIES



Musically Advanced III


Composer is NOT Herbert, Victor. It should be listed as Lehar, Franz.



Clarification for Rule #1.  NFMC Festivals Committee has revised as follows:

Entrants may enter Organ Repertoire, Sacred Organ, and Hymn Playing Event each year. (Entrants are not limited to one organ event per year.  Alternating between the three organ events for an “Organ” Cup was not approved.)



Moderately Difficult III

Norwegian Dance, Op. 35 No 2 in TWICE AS NICE, VOL 2, Composer is Grieg, NOT Respighi



Elementary Class IV

Delete—Rejino, Mona: Shimmering Sea (also listed at Moderately Difficult 2 which is correct)


Primary Class IV

Tan, Chee-Hwa: Land of Nod, The / A CHILD’S GARDEN OF VERSES

Now published by Piano Safari and can be obtained through their website, pianosafari.com.


Difficult Class I

Bober, Melody: The title Mississippi River Adventure has been changed to Minnesota River. MINNESOTA RIVER VALLEY collection, still catalogue # 41026 ALF. The change in title was made by Alfred after the Bulletin was published so the first printing has the title Mississippi River Adventure; second printing is with the title Minnesota River. Alfred apologizes for the confusion.



Junior Class II


Alexander, Dennis: Concertino in D Major is a 1-movement work (not 3 as listed). The complete work including Cadenza is required.

Mozart, Wolfgang: Concerto No. 6 in Bb, K 238, Correction: ASE or HL50262130

Mozart, Wolfgang: Concert Rondo in D Major, K 382,            Correction: ASE or HL49010233


Junior Class III

Correction—Shostakovich, Dmitri: Concerto No 2 is Op. 102 (not Op. 103 as listed for mvt. 2 and 3)



Primary I

Delete—Gaynor, Jess: March of the Wee Folk (Out of print)


Moderately Difficult Class I

Bizet, Georges/Simm: Carmen, Selection #3, or 5, or 7



Piano Hymn Title/Tune List

Class Title Tune Key
Class I I Have Decided to Follow Jesus Assam C
Class I My Hope is Built on Nothing Less Solid Rock F
Class I Just As I Am Woodworth D
Class I What a Friend Converse F
Class I Away in a Manger Mueller F
Class I Brethren We Have Met to Worship Holy Manna G
Class I The Hills Are Bare at Bethlehem Prospect F
Class I Alas and Did My Savior Bleed? Martyrdom G
Class II Amazing Grace New Britain F or G
Class II Joy to the World Antioch D
Class II I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve Jeg Er Saa Glad G
Class II Follow On Down in the Valley  
Class II All the Way My Saviour Leads Me Lowry G
Class II When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Hamburg F
Class II Children of the Heavenly Father Tryggare kan ingen vara D
Class II Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy Restoration G minor
Class III When Morning Gilds the Skies Laudes Domine C
Class III Rejoice the Lord is King Darwall C
Class III Higher Ground Higher Ground G
Class III Dear Lord & Father of Mankind Rest D
Class III In the Garden Garden Ab
Class III The First Nowell The First Nowell D
Class III Go Tell It on the Mountain Go Tell It G
Class III What Wondrous Love is This Wondrous Love D minor
Class IV Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Lobe Den Herren F or G
Class IV Lead Me to Calvary Duncannon Eb
Class IV Beneath the Cross of Jesus St. Christopher Db
Class IV All Glory Laud & Honor St. Theodulph Bb
Class IV Good Christian Men, Rejoice In Dulci Jubilo F
Class IV O Sing a Song of Bethlehem Kingsfold E minor
Class IV For All the Saints Sine Nomine G
Class IV It Came Upon the Midnight Clear Carol Bb
Class V Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light Ermuntre Dich Mein Schwacher Eb
Class V When the Roll is Called Up Yonder Roll Call Ab
Class V Be Thou My Vision Slane Eb
Class V Faith is the Victory Sankey Eb
Class V Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers Haf Trones Lampa Fardig Ab
Class V The God of Abraham Praise Yigdal Ab
Class V The Church’s One Foundation Aurelia Eb
Class V All Creatures of Our God and King Lasst Uns Erfreuen Eb


  • The correlation requirements between Piano Solo/Hymn are suspended.
  • They are guidelines, but are not required.

Class II

The tune Lowry should be listed as All the Way (G) (Lowry)


Class V

Delete the tune Resurrection (Gaither) Add Slane (Eb) Anonymous


Clarification Regarding Piano Hymn Playing Event

Hymns are often published in different keys among the various hymnals on the market.  The key of the hymn is a factor in the level of difficulty. In order to prevent the simplification of more difficult hymns to an easier key, specific keys were designated on the required list.


Some websites have the capability to transpose the hymns on their site into any desired key. These sites can be utilized to obtain printings of the hymn in the requisite keys. These documents are not photocopies, but legally obtained printings. The hymns are in the public domain and can therefore be modified as desired.


Listed below are three sites that transpose hymns. This list is by no means exhaustive. Some of the major digital sheet music distributors also have hymns among their listings.  The sites listed below are specific to hymns. You may need to download the Sibelius Scorch plugin for your browser in order to be able to view and transpose hymns. (Your computer should prompt you if this is necessary.)

  • Hymnary.org Use the search box to search by title or hymn tune. Some hymns are free to transpose and print. Other hymns require the purchase of a FlexScore (choose the Accompaniment version) for $1.99 (two copies necessary).
  • LDS.org/music Click on “Books & Collections” then “Hymnal”. Select “Tune Name” from the right side navigation bar. Free.
  • TimelessTruths.org Click on the “Music” tab on the left side. Use the search box or click “All” to see a complete listing of titles. Free.


PIANO TRIO (Piano-Violin-Cello)

Difficult Class II

Delete—Mozart: Allegro (mv’t III)  Trio in G should read:

Should read—Mozart: Allegro (mv’t III)  Trio in E, K. 542, 379 Henle



Violin Duet, Three Violins, Four Violins

Two Violas, Three Violas, Four Violas

Two Celli



Violin – Viola Duet

Violin – Cello Duet

Viola – Cello Duet

String Trio  (Violin-Viola-Cello)

String Quartet (2 Violins-Viola-Cello)

  • Progression for all string instrument ensemble and chamber events listed above
  • Regardless of the rating received, entrants may play in each class for two years provided different selections are played each year.


Junior High Medium Class – duplicate listing.

Delete—Bach/Isaac Brandenburg No. 2   (correctly listed in Junior High Easy Class)



Primary III

Delete—Bach, J.S.: Marche/BARBER SOLOS FOR YOUNG VIOLINISTS, VOL. 1 (also listed at Primary IV which is correct)

Correction—Bach, J.S.: Musette/ SUZUKI VIOLIN SCHOOL, VOL. 2           (NOT Vol. 1 as listed)


Primary IV

Bártók, Bélà: Hungarian Suite  #1, 2, and 4 (choose any two)



Delete—Marki, K.: Waves/STRINGSONG FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO Out of print



Advanced Class

Add the following:

Cohen, Jeremy: Stylistic Duets for Two Violins, any one, Violinjazz Publishing

De Beriot, Charles: 3 Duos Concertante Op. 57 for 2 violins, any one mvt., G Schirmer

Mozart, Wolfgang: 12 Duos, Op. 70, any one mvt., (Litoff Collection), Litoff Verlag

PE L02111a (Nos. 1-4)

PE L02111b   (Nos. 5-8)

PE L02111c   (Nos. 9-12)

Wienizwski, Henryk: Etudes Caprices, Op. 18 (any one etude), IM2722, International Music Co



  • Correction—Page 151, First sentence:  “Solo Class must be Difficult I (not II) through Advanced II.”


Junior Class I B

Rieding, Oskar: Concertino in a minor, Op. 2, is a single movement concerto. The complete work should be performed.


Junior II

Benda, Jifi Anton (not Benda, Frantisek): Concerto in F Major



Musically Advanced Class III

Clarification—Bernstein, Leonard: the song titled I Hate Music from the collection I HATE MUSIC