MFMC Award Chairs

MFMC Young Artist and Collegiate (Student) Division Awards:

The Rosamond P. Haeberle Memorial Piano Award – Mary Irvine, Chair

The Elizabeth Gardner Award in Voice – Mary Irvine, Chair

The Burrell-Upton Music Therapy Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

MFMC Junior Division Awards:

High School Brass Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

High School Organ Award – Jackie Livesay, Chair

High School Percussion Award – Rob Kratz, Chair

High School Piano Award – Laurie M Marshall, Chair

High School String Award – Sunny Cirlin and Pat Smith, Co-Chairs

High School Voice Award – Beatrice Wassenberg, Chair

High School Woodwind Award – Michelle Nuffer, Chair

NFMC Awards with state level qualifying competitions:

Junior Composers: Nancy Meyette. Chair, Michigan

NFMC Award Chairs:

NFMC NE Region Junior Composers: Nanette Meyette, Chair

NFMC National Stillman Kelley / Thelma Byrum Award: Laurie M Marshall, Chair

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