NFMC Liability Insurance

All MFMC Senior, Collegiate, and Junior Club events where children attend and/or participate must have an authorized member(s) who has completed the Child Protection Form.  (For example, a Junior Club event must have a councilor or other senior club member present at all events who have completed the form.)

All MFMC Festival Sites, Senior, Student (Collegiate), and Junior Clubs, who do not have liability insurance, must use NFMC Liability Insurance to cover Federated sponsored events.

NFMC Policy dictates one form per event.  Multi-day, single events are covered by one form, i.e. a two-day Festival may complete one form accordingly.

Use the form(s) below, then upload it at the NFMC website.  Pay directly using their online payment link.  Both the UPLOAD FILE and ONLINE PAYMENT links are located on the NFMC home page, left column. DO NOT USE THE MFMC UPLOAD FILE.

PreventingChildSexualAbuse-a (1)

21-22 Child Protection Policy

22-23-Liability Request Form