MFMC Citation Award

 Michigan Federation of Music Clubs, Inc.

Citation Award

The Michigan Federation of Music Clubs provides an opportunity for local clubs to nominate and select an individual or organization deserving of a MFMC Citation Award.

This prestigious award is the highest award of honor within our organization.  It is presented for outstanding service to the local club, community, state. It is an award which is the exception, not the rule in award giving.

According to the Citation Chair’s handbook, the award may be presented to an individual or organization, i.e. music-related or media organization.  Federation membership is not required.

The rules include:

  • The recipient should have accomplished an outstanding achievement or contribution in the field of music and/or their respective clubs.
  • There shall be one nominee per year from each club voted upon by the club’s Board.
  • A completed narrative biography must be submitted to the Citation Chair by March 15th.
  • Nominees are reviewed by an MFMC Citation Award Committee for approval by April 1st.
  • A person shall receive no more than one award.
  • An award may be given posthumously.

Please feel free to contact me for additional information or support.

I look forward to receiving your club’s nominee.

Laurie M. Marshall,  MFMC, Citation Chair

MFMC Citation Award Recipients:

2023     Arlene Anger (Vivace), Joanne Holman (JTM), Laurie M Marshall (Lake Michigan Music),                               Judy Phillips (TMGP), and Jean Watson (ROM)

2021      Priscilla Marino (BM)

2020      Christopher Harding (Lake Michigan Music Club), Isabelle Scott (LMM),                                                       Susan Rigoulot (Owosso), Vanessa Schwarz (Vivace)

2019      Catherine Rollin  (BM) nominated by Lake Michigan Music Club                                                                      and Joan Wierzba (LMM)

2018      Penny Draper (LMM) and Betty Hunt (MMC).

2017      Frances Isaac (MMCBC) and Li Wang (MMC).

2016      Viola Millmine (TMGP) and Vivian Oberheu (MMC).

2015      Carol Broughton (LMM), Myrth Kremers (MMC), Michael McMurtrey (JTMC),                                                and Helen Schmitz (TMGP).

2014     David DiChiera (TMD) and Sandra Nye (MMC)

2013     Georgianna Conrad (MMC), Laura Dougherty (ROM), and Pamela Ruehle (PHM).

2012     Joyce Vance (MMC).