Frequently Asked Questions

Page-turners are allowed in ensemble events that do not require memorization for the sole purpose of turning pages.

All piano solo selections listed in the 2014 – 2015 – 2016 are intended to be original solos by the composer. An example: Melodie and Serenade from the Fantasy Pieces, Op. 3, written in 1892 by Rachmaninoff, are not listed in the bulletin as “revised”, thus the revised version (written 1940) should not be used. ASE means that several publishers print the original

The NFMC Bylaws currently state: “Junior – young people under 19; Student/Collegiate members – between 19 and 26 years.” The Bulletin policy is supported by the Bylaws.

Yes, the number of measures required applies to all instruments and includes vocal events and hymn playing.

There has been no change. Solo class of ensemble entrants must be within two classes.

Yes. These are two different events and the arrangements are different; therefore the same title could appear at different levels and different events.

There is a proper order to follow and the first step is to consult your Area Chairman.

You should contact the NFMC Festivals Chairman/Editor. (See festivals link for more information)

In keeping with the rule that levels of musicianship must be of the same level the lowest permissible entry class for any piano ensemble is one class below the lower partner’s solo class.

These pieces are from MY KIND OF MUSIC, Bk 1, FF1703, FJH, Copyright 2008. MY KIND OF MUSIC, Bk 1, FF1283, Copyright 2001 is now being published as MY KIND OF MUSIC, Bk 2 and is not being used in the current Bulletin