NFMC Michigan Junior Composers

2022 Michigan Junior Composers

On Saturday, April 2, 2022 a State Recital was held at KAWAI PIANO GALLERY in Bloomfield Township.  About 45 students and guests were present.  There were 19 entries for the Junior Composer Contest.  There were 14 students present all of whom performed their original compositions.  Mrs. Arlene Anger MFMC president gave the Greetings followed by leading the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the singing of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER.  The NFMC Junior Pledge, Junior Collect, Interpretation of the Insignia and recognition of composition teachers was also given.  Ms. Nannette Meyette , Regional Chairperson for the NE Region was also present.  Certificates, Gold Cups and cash prizes were presented following students’ performances.

NFMC Guidelines for Junior Composition Award

Each Student must be a member in good standing under their teacher, who is either an Active Junior Club/Junior Associate Group member or the student must join as “Individual Junior Member” of the National Federation of Music Clubs.  Only one composition per student is to be entered in the contest for Michigan.  The deadline for entering the MICHIGAN FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS composition contest deadline is January 15th of each year.

There are 4 categories for Junior Compositions.

Junior class I            Ages 9 and under

Junior Class II          Ages 10-12

Junior Class III         Ages 13-15

Junior Class IV         Ages 16-18

The student must use their age as of March 1, 2022.

Compositions may be any style.  There is no limit to the number of measures in the composition.  Any instruments may be used.  There may also be solo, duet, concerto, orchestra or combinations of any other kind.  Teachers must be members of the MICHIGAN FEDERATION OF MUSIC CLUBS.  Teachers must have their students registered in the teacher’s studio when dues are paid.  All compositions and applications must be in PDF format. Also, the audio recording of the music may only be submitted as an MP3.  No other document or recording formats will be accepted.  All compositions are submitted through the National Federation of Music Clubs electronic drop box.  Registration fee is $30 per student for submitting their composition.  These fees are paid to National.  The state chairperson for Michigan does not handle any money.  National verifies each teacher’s name and the amount of money paid.  The state chairperson for Junior Composers is notified by National regarding all compositions sent from the State of Michigan. All compositions will include the date the composition was received.   All compositions for Michigan must be turned in to the electronic drop box of the National drop box by January 15 by 11:59 p.m.  Any submissions received after that date and time, will not be accepted or adjudicated.   The Junior Composer rules and application can be found at: 

All fees are paid through the National Federation of Music Clubs using either a credit card or electronic check.

Three attachments should be included with the student’s submission to the National drop box for ONE composition. They include (1) the PDF of the composition (2) the.MP3 audio and (3) the JR-7 application.  

Please contact Nancy Meyette at, or 586-752-7589 for further information.