Tuesday Musicale of Detroit President Honored

The Michigan Senate

State of Michigan

The Awesome

Dina Soresi Winter


The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit

A Woman of Phenomenal Courage and Musical Artistry and Excellence

Whereas Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter: has led a life filled with music, art, theatre, education and a love of Dante.  At the age of fourteen, she discovered opera – and has never recovered from it since. After seeing her first opera, La Traviata, at the old Metropolitan Opera in New York City, she started studying with Francesca Pasella, an Italian maestra in the Bronx. Under Ms. Pasella’s tutelage, she won several singing awards, one of which took her to Italy, where she made her debut as Santuzza in Cavalleria Rusticana.  She was the first twentieth century “Maria Stuarda” and sang leading roles in  major theatres in Germany, Italy and Holland.

Whereas Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter: in her early thirties, while singing at the Stuttgarter Staatsoper in Germany, she met and fell in love with an extraordinary educational idea, Waldorf education, and quietly but firmly decided that that was what she wanted to serve for the rest of her life.   Asked to help start a Waldorf School in Detroit, she felt the call of destiny and linked herself with this venture for the next 20 years. 

Whereas Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter: During that time a young singer begged her to teach her what she could about “how to sing.”  This led to her next career in which she is still engaged.  In addition, she has organized and produced performances under the title of HOSTIA (Heights of the Spirit Through the Arts) in various cities in the United States.

Whereas Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter: In 2006 and 2007, Dina taught young aspiring singers in Beijing, China. She has been a lecturer with Michigan Opera’s “Learning at the Opera” series, and is an opera critic for several newspapers. She is now a member of the board of Tuesday Musicale of Detroit and recently completed a three year term as President. Her main responsibility with this organization today is as its Programs Coordinator, which involves helping organize Tuesday Musicale’s monthly concerts and its Artist-of-the-Year concert.

Whereas Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter: Enjoys making presentations on opera, in which she draws on her deep knowledge of this musical genre. She also retains an undiminished appreciation of, and love for, Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Mrs. Dina Soresi Winter

is a phenomenal Woman of Musical Artistry and Excellence

BE IT RESOLVED: By Affirmation of the 99th Legislature of the Michigan Senate

On the 28th day of October 2018

Coleman A. Young 11

Michigan State Senator – 1st District


              COLEMAN YOUNG 11                                    A.D. MCCCXXXV

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